Let Ambidextrous Be Your Guide

The world around us has changed. Technology has evolved. What once made sense does not anymore. SCADA systems are more open than they have ever been. Leveraging economy of scale just might be the thing for your organization. Utilizing robust cloud services from Google or Amazon in combination with Ambidextrous professional services will increase your uptime, lessen your internal IT demand, and allow you to leverage technical expertise without incurring the overhead. Ambidextrous is a leader in this evolution and is poised to help you make the best decision.


Want to lessen your overhead? Ambidextrous senior level SCADA professionals can provide you with viable, competent SCADA resources at a fraction of the cost of an FTE. We provide adept resources 24x7x365 to oversee your SCADA environment. Contact Us and we’ll talk more in-depth with you.

The cost to maintain a SCADA environment is exorbitant. Routine maintenance, patching, & bug/fixes all cut into your organization’s overhead. Let alone the cost of upgrades, database maintenance, & network security. With Ambidextrous Managed Services approach we enable you while bearing the burden for you.

Increase your SCADA uptime and lengthen the longevity of your SCADA environment with Ambidextrous’ SCADA Managed Services Program.


We Offer:
Cloud Managed SCADA
Local Control + Cloud SCADA
Cloud Based Decision Systems
Database Management & Reporting
We Focus On:
Routine Maintenance
Upgrades & Enhancements
SCADA Development
Reporting & Security


All Major SCADA Players
All Major Historians
Economy Of Scale
Regulatory Reporting
24x7x365 Support
Regulated SCADA Environments
Service Options:
Availability By Phone
Purchase Blocks Of Time
On-Site As Needed
Google or Amazon Cloud Services
Have A Custom Approach In Mind?

Let Ambidextrous help you bridge the gap into the future. While you focus on running your organization we will be there to maintain the technical needs of your SCADA system.