Knowledge Transferring For The Future

Since time immemorial, people have been engaged in mentor/apprentice relationships transferring skills from one generation to the next. Intuitively the younger, less knowledgeable folks learn from the more experienced people who have been around longer.

Want to increase your new employee’s time to productivity? For approximately the cost of a senior level SCADA professional and a few months time you can have a viable, competent SCADA resource. Contact Us and we’ll explain how the program works.

The ramp time to turn a rookie into a competent SCADA professional is years. Yet, for Integrators every where the demand for new employees to hit the ground running is huge and only growing. Deadlines, cash flow, and rate of return per employee all depend on employee competency and efficiency.

Good intentions leading to poor results? “Oft we hire with good intentions which lead to trial by fire.” – Roman Pierantozzi.  Disruptions wreak havoc on project’s bottom lines and diminish productivity.

Increase your new employee’s time to productivity with Ambidextrous’ SCADA Mentoring Program


We Offer:
One-on-One Mentoring
Small Group Sessions
Tailored Sessions

We Focus On:
Team Building
Relationship Building
Confidence Building
Public Speaking

Hands-On Workshops:
The billable hour
Train Your Brain
Good SCADA Habits
SCADA Development
P&ID’s, I/O
Screen Dev
DB’s & Data Handling
Historical Services
Networking, Protocols, & OPC

Service Options:
Week Long Sessions
Face-To-Face Meetings
Availability By Phone
Purchase Blocks Of Time
Have A Custom Approach In Mind?

Let Ambidextrous help you bridge the gap. While you focus on winning new business we will be there for you and your employee’s technical needs and career growth.