Small Business … We’ve Got Your Back

Ambidextrous understands the needs of small business.  We are one too.  We understand how some of the needs, operations and infrastructure are similar to a larger business or corporation.  Yet, we also understand how each small business is unique in its operation.  We know how each concern impacts the bottom line.  How every dollar spent is just as important the dollar brought in.

Small business’ often outsource much of their functionality due to financial constraints.  We know how our competitors craft scenarios where, unfortunately, a business becomes beholden to them.  The outsourced firm maintains the intimate knowledge of your business’ technology thus you are at their mercy.  Time and again the owners of Ambidextrous have heard jaw dropping stories.  We will help you work out from under your existing technology arrangement.  We will work to keep you in control of your business’ destiny.

The owners of Ambidextrous will not allow scenario where a business is beholden to us.  We do not want you calling us back because you have to.  We want you calling us back because of our service.  How we treated your company and it’s needs like our own.  We bank on you calling us back because you want to.  We pride ourselves on that and have references to prove it.

Ambidextrous goals are simple:

  • We aim to please on time and within budget

  • We will only recommend technology you need

  • We will always offer you the best price we can

  • We expect our customer service to overshoot your expectations

  • We want to create a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship between our companies

Give Ambidextrous a chance to help you find your groove to operational success and business growth.  Contact Us today to see how we can begin working together.