1. Change the name of your home wireless network (SSID)
  2. Disable the SSID broadcast of your wireless network
  3. Choose a strong and unique password for your wireless network
  4. Improve your Wi-Fi security by enabling strong network encryption (at least WPA, preferably WPA2 … it is worth buying a new router if your current router does not support this!)
  5. Implement MAC Address Security
  6. Disable/Unplug the wireless network when you’re not at home
  7. Place the router in the middle of the house so as to minimize signal outside your home
  8. Change the default admin password to a strong network password (on the device itself)
  9. Disable Remote Access to the router
  10. Enable the firewall (if it is disabled by default)
  11. Keep your router’s software up-to-date!
  12. Protect the devices that connect your wireless network with Anti-Virus, Malware, OS Patches/Updates
  13. Provide a guest network for visitors to your home

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